Month: September 2015

Accessibility Hot Links Page

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For this assignment, I focused on physical disabilities that prevent access to the internet.  I have a student with severe cerebral palsy, and other physical disabilities.  He greets me every day with a smile and a good morning.  He inspires me and humbles me.  I started researching this last month as he is in my algebra class, and we are trying to find a way to make a graphing calculator accessible to him.  This page shares many of the links and articles that I have found.

Accessibility Hot Links Page

Netiquette Page

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Netiquette Definition

This task involved creating a web page that addresses netiquette in my classroom. I designed my page for use in my 9th-grade special education algebra classroom. My students tend to be impetuous and have difficulty understanding long-term consequences of their actions. There are many days when learning becomes secondary to whatever flame war, he said-she said, or outright bullying occurred the night before and carried over into the school day.

I chose four areas of Netiquette that I thought were most important for my students to understand. Each of these will be a good discussion starter, and I am sure that most will have something to share. I used the box to highlight brief rules that are concise and should be easy for them to remember.

My district goes back next Tuesday and all students in grades 7-12 will have a Chromebook. I revamped my first week of lessons to include a lot of mini-lessons on digital citizenship, which we will then revisit throughout the year. I incorporated this page into my social media lesson. I am very excited to be able to use something that I created. I’m pretty sure it will impress my students when they learn that I built this page, and I am hoping some of them will be interested enough to want to try coding. I would like to build some of this into my curriculum and plan to do the Hour of Code with them.

Here is my Netiquette Page.