I Am…..

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The introductory assignment for EdTech 541 is to write an I Am poem that follows a given template.  I found this to be an task.  I was very anxious at first as I am not a poet, nor do I enjoy poetry.  Once I saw the template, I calmed down.  This I could manage.   I spent about a week writing and editing this assignment and what I noticed was that the words and tone changed according to my moods and thoughts.  My final submission seems a little dark and melancholy, but that has been my frame of mind lately.  My life is in a state of flux right now, and it is making me uncomfortable.  The anniversary of my mother’s death was a couple of weeks ago, adding to my general unease.  All of this came out in my poem, and though I tried to make it a little lighter, it refused to cooperate.  The image I chose was the Chinese symbol Sho Shin.  It stands for Beginner’s Mind and refers to one’s open-mindedness when learning new things.  I feel that this is a good description of my character.  I pride myself on my ability to adapt and change.  I love to learn.


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