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Halloween 2015
Halloween 2015


My name is Lisa McLeod.  I am a single mom to two wonderful daughters, Heather and Jay.  My favorite holidays are the Fourth of July and Halloween.  I am obsessed with minions!  I love to travel (Rome is a favorite) and spend time on Lake George (one day I hope to own a boat!).  Reading and cross stitching are my go to activities when I have down time.

I have lived in many different places, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Montana, California, New York and Ireland.  Nashville is one of my favorite places on Earth.  I spend every Fourth of July here, hanging out with my brother and his family.  Watching the fireworks while sitting on the banks of the Cumberland River is something I look forward to all year long.  Hearing the explosions, seeing the colors and designs and feeling them reverberate throughout my body uses up all my senses, forcing me to stay in the moment and just be.  This is not a feeling that I find very often.

OCD runs in my family.  I suspect ADHD does as well.  I have a hard time sitting still.  Movies are a no go for me.  I lose track of what is happening on the screen because my mind has wandered to something more interesting.  It often wanders to my classroom.

I teach algebra to special education students at Glens Falls High School.  My certifications include elementary education, special education and mathematics 7 – 12.  Teaching algebra to special education students is a wonderful challenge.  This I can focus on.  I am forever searching for new and better ways to bring algebraic concepts to life for my students.  Last year I introduced interactive notebooks.  Allowing them to build, touch, flip and move their notes has made algebra a little more tangible and a lot more enjoyable.  It was a steep learning curve but by the end of the year I was seeing students reach for their notebooks to answer a question before they came and asked me to answer it for them.  SUCCESS!

My high school is going 1:1 in the fall.  Every student in grades 7 – 12 will be given a Chromebook.  As exciting as this is, it has been a huge source of anxiety.  How do I incorporate technology into my classroom?  How do I use it to enhance learning and not just use it because I can?


Carole and I
Carole and I


I began presenting at math conferences last spring.  My co-teacher Carole and I give workshops on how to integrate technology into math classrooms.   Because she is an upper-level math teacher and I teach special education, we are able to reach everyone in our audience.  The response has been overwhelming!

As my focus shifts to technology in the classroom, it has become very apparent that I need to learn more about it.   This will increase my ability to use it to enhance my instruction, and decrease my anxiety.  I am currently working on becoming a Google Educator, with the goal of becoming a Google Trainer on the horizon.  Starting the MET Master’s program at Boise State became the logical next step.  One of my school’s IT people recently graduated from this program and recommended it highly.  After researching different schools, I applied and was accepted for the Summer 2015 session.

This page was created to allow me to share my learning and reflections on my journey through the Boise State M.E.T. Master’s program.  I hope that you will find something useful here.

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