Jigsaw Activity

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The content I chose for this assignment lent itself well to the parameters involved. My classes are small, so I needed a task that would accommodate a small amount of groups without being overwhelming. We teach solving systems of equations three different ways. Each group will become an expert in one method, and then teach that method to the rest of the class. This activity is definitely something I will use with my classes.

I struggled with making the table, but not inordinately so. It took some adjusting to get it centered on my page and once again, I had difficulty finding colors that made sense to me. It is interesting to note that as nervous as I was about learning to code, I am really enjoying this class. While I am finding it challenging, I am also enjoying it immensely. I think writing the content to go on the pages is more difficult for me than the actual coding. Go figure!Jigsaw

System of Equations Jigsaw Activity