annotated bibliography

Annotated Bibliography

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119498595413718994help-books-aj.svg_aj_ash_01.svg.medThis assignment involved researching a chosen topic using Google Scholar and Albertsons Library, finding five peer-reviewed articles and developing an annotated bibliography using correct APA format. Writing an annotated bibliography was difficult for me as I tend to be wordy. My first draft included long summaries written in great detail with several citations in each. I realized I was not sure what an annotated bibliography should look like, so I turned to Google. I was surprised to find that summaries are typically very short, with few or no citations and just enough information to give the reader a sense of what the article is about. My final draft is much more concise. This assignment taught me a lot about choosing my words wisely, making each one count.

I chose to research Flipped Learning at the high school level, something that caught my interest a couple years ago. I have not pursued it because my students are on the wrong side of the digital divide. This year my students will all have Chromebooks, so I am planning to flip some of my lessons. The lack of empirical data on this topic surprised me. The consensus is that flipped learning increases student engagement, but there is little to no hard data to prove this statement. There are very few peer-reviewed articles and almost none at the high school level. Some teachers are doing studies in their classrooms, but these studies are short term, with a small number of students and a very specific focus. I did not find any that looked at the effect of flipped learning on special education students. The articles I chose each gave me some useful information whether it be the type of technology used, a format or just a validation that I am on the right track.