edtech 502

Fractal WebQuest

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I had a hard time with this assignment.  I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do so I finally just picked something and went with it.  I’m not super happy with it, more because of the Quest itself rather than the design.  This class really stretched my level of creativity which has never been very high.  I think that had more to do with my apathy towards this assignment than anything else.  I think I just need a break.  Even better, I need to learn when something is good enough and not spend extra unneeded hours agonizing over the smallest detail.  I tend to drive myself crazy.

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Fractal Webquest

Virtual Tour

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I had the most fun completing this assignment but it was also definitely the most challenging.  I am getting more comfortable with templates and enjoyed picking through the code and seeing what I understood and what I didn’t.  I am also getting braver with adding new code and being able to figure out and fix errors.


Virtual Field Trip

Accessibility Hot Links Page

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For this assignment, I focused on physical disabilities that prevent access to the internet.  I have a student with severe cerebral palsy, and other physical disabilities.  He greets me every day with a smile and a good morning.  He inspires me and humbles me.  I started researching this last month as he is in my algebra class, and we are trying to find a way to make a graphing calculator accessible to him.  This page shares many of the links and articles that I have found.

Accessibility Hot Links Page

Netiquette Page

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Netiquette Definition

This task involved creating a web page that addresses netiquette in my classroom. I designed my page for use in my 9th-grade special education algebra classroom. My students tend to be impetuous and have difficulty understanding long-term consequences of their actions. There are many days when learning becomes secondary to whatever flame war, he said-she said, or outright bullying occurred the night before and carried over into the school day.

I chose four areas of Netiquette that I thought were most important for my students to understand. Each of these will be a good discussion starter, and I am sure that most will have something to share. I used the box to highlight brief rules that are concise and should be easy for them to remember.

My district goes back next Tuesday and all students in grades 7-12 will have a Chromebook. I revamped my first week of lessons to include a lot of mini-lessons on digital citizenship, which we will then revisit throughout the year. I incorporated this page into my social media lesson. I am very excited to be able to use something that I created. I’m pretty sure it will impress my students when they learn that I built this page, and I am hoping some of them will be interested enough to want to try coding. I would like to build some of this into my curriculum and plan to do the Hour of Code with them.

Here is my Netiquette Page.


Styled 502 Page

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This assignment required me to add CSS styling to my plain 502 page. What a learning curve this was!  I am not known for my sense of style in the real world, and I learned that it doesn’t really improve in the virtual world either.  I spent a lot of time using google and working my way through Code Academy to help me style this page.  I found that I had more trouble with choosing colors and layouts than I did with the the actual coding.  The biggest irritation was when something was working perfectly but when I changed something else it stopped working.  So frustrating!  Here is the end result, a styled 502 page.

Plain 502 Page

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My first adventure into coding involved creating a plain page for my Edtech 502 class.  Nothing fancy, just a plain black and white page with no style sheets attached.  HTML5 coding at its best.  I am pretty proud of this page.  I went from having never even heard of HTML to creating an actual page!  I didn’t have a lot of trouble with this assignment.  The how-to video provided by my professor was very clear and easy to follow.  Completing this project successfully has given me a much-needed boost in confidence.  I am looking forward to what the next task brings.