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Module 5 Reflection – Finding Myself

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dreamstime_xs_53393938The most important thing I learned from Edtech 504 was never to judge a book by its cover. Theory and pedagogy are not high on my list of things I am interested in. I find them pretty dry. I am an observer, though, and adjust my teaching methods based on my instincts and observations. I am also a math teacher. While I am an avid reader, my writing skills are rusty. Writing has never been something I particularly enjoy, so I have been dreading this class because it is everything that I tend to avoid. How wrong can one person be? While not my favorite class, 504 definitely resides in my top three. This class will be incredibly helpful when I start back to school in a few weeks.

I will be applying ideas from Gardener’s multiple intelligences and looking at my students in a whole new light. I can’t get past the thought that many of them be labeled as special education simply because their intelligence does not fall into the two intelligences that schools focus on almost exclusively. My entire first week of back to school activities will be heavily impacted by Dweck’s growth mindset theory. I need to find a way to address the fixed mindsets that the majority of my students wear like a badge of honor. We will be celebrating our mistakes this year, using them to deepen our knowledge and increase our perseverance.

I enrolled in the K-12 Online Learning certificate program at BSU to further my knowledge in this area. I would like to find ways to bring my curriculum to my students who for various reasons, cannot find success in a physical classroom. Graduation rates for at-risk students are dropping precipitously. Online learning may be a viable answer for some of these learners.

Finding that my instincts tend to be spot on was gratifying. While I may not have known the theory behind what I was observing, much of what I have implemented in my classroom reflects best practices that I have researched and learned about in this class, further adding to my confidence in my ability to help my students.

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