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When I first read this assignment I thought it would be relatively easy.  We were asked to use a template to create a homepage that we could use for our final portfolio in the MET program if we so chose.  After a couple months of coding webpages, this was a welcome change.  I could just choose a page that I liked, download it, add my stuff and be done with it.  And that was where I went wrong.  I have found the actual coding relatively easy.  Designing the pages is difficult for me.  I quickly found that when I have numerous sites, full of free pages that I can choose from, I get overwhelmed.  My family has learned not to give me more than 3 or so options when asking me to choose something.  Sending me to Home Depot to choose a color for a room is an exercise in futility.

I finally found a page that I was happy with and downloaded it.  It was fluid, which led to my next problem.  It came with so many pages of CSS that I found myself wandering helplessly through a labyrinth. In trying to adjust the coding to meet my requirements, I made such a mess that I had to scrap the whole thing and start over.  I chose a different page that was not fluid but does work on tablets and smart phones.  Instead of adjusting the CSS for each device, it just makes the page smaller.  Even though this was not what I originally wanted, it better matched my skill set.



I found the more involved templates to be overwhelming, both in trying to wade through the code and because I like clean simple lines.  I chose this template for just those reasons.  The only thing I don’t like about it is that it is not fluid so I will probably continue to play with this page as my comfort level increases.

Here is my homepage for EdTech 502.