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RSS ManThis has been the most difficult assignment for me so far.  I have no experience with RSS feeds, either personally or professionally.  While setting up my own Feedly account was simple, deciding how to incorporate it into my math classroom was much more difficult. As I networked in a search for ideas, most of what I found had students reading articles in a particular subject area and then analyzing them.  I realized that I was going to have to use this resource in a very different manner.  I briefly thought about just writing a lesson plan that had nothing to do with my subject area but that seemed like a huge waste of my time.  If I have to create something, I really want it to be relevant and usable.  With those goals in mind, I found a site called Yummy Math  and the pieces fell into place.  This site allows me to find problems by grade level.  It also lets me search by Common Core Standard.  I can differentiate for my students by selecting problems at different grade levels for each student based on their abilities. I created a short screencast video of my Feedly account for the second part of this assignment.  This account came together quite nicely and I quickly saw the value of RSS on a personal/professional level.  I subscribe to a LOT of math and technology blogs.  Most of them send me an email when they post something new which quickly becomes overwhelming.  Other sites require me to check which I usually forget to do.  By putting them in Feedly, my sites are all in one place.  Even better, I can quickly look to see who has new posts for me.  I now have over one hundred sites on this reader.  Having them all together will allow me to weed out the ones I don’t find relevant or interesting.  It will become obvious very quickly which blogs I use the most, further saving me time as I delete the ones I no longer use. I am very excited to try this lesson in my classroom this year.  While I cannot say how I would improve it right now, I am sure that when I implement it, I will find many ways to improve and adjust as issues come to light.  My first adjustment may be using Edmodo instead of a classroom blog.  I will have to try it out and see which works best.