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Netiquette in MY Classroom

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After my group created a set of Netiquette Rules for the classroom, we were given the task to use those rules to create¬†an asynchronous presentation¬†to share those expectations with our class. My initial thought was to use VoiceThread, but I have used that several times throughout my time in the MET program and this class is giving me time to find and try other options. I have never used EDpuzzle before, though it has been on my “Must Try” list for months. I decided now was the time.

I used Screencastify to create a narrated video of my team’s netiquette slide presentation, which I changed substantially to make it a better fit for my student population. I then uploaded the video to YouTube and inserted it into EDpuzzle. I used EDpuzzle to create a scavenger hunt based on the video, with questions inserted throughout the video. Students must answer the questions before they can move on within the video. My school uses Google Classroom, and EDpuzzle integrates easily with Classroom with just a click. Overall, this was an easy way to create a video that allows me to track whether or not a student watched it. I can see this tool being invaluable for flipped classrooms and plan to try using it for that. I included screenshots of everything, including the assignment in Google Classroom since that site is domain specific.





My EDpuzzle creation with scavenger hunt.


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Interestingly enough, I had the basics of this assignment already outlined as a lesson plan that I hoped to teach at some point in the next few weeks. Now that my students all have Chromebooks, I feel that I cannot emphasize enough how to behave on the internet. Watching them create slides and other presentations, all the while happily right-clicking images on the web without even considering the original artist makes me cringe. Most of my students have not had access like this before if they had it at all. Now that they are getting more comfortable using the technology, I need to start teaching them how to use it respectfully. I tried to include links that match different learning styles and levels and included videos for both my more visual students and those who struggle with reading and/or comprehension. I chose to do my answer sheet as a Google doc as that best matches what we use in school.

This page was my biggest challenge to date to code. I used both ordered and unordered lists and added an image that I wanted to float right. It was difficult to keep everything lined up the way that I wanted and keep my spacing accurate. Color schemes continue to be difficult for me.

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